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but certainly not at least. steve. where's steve come here. (clapping.) >> steve (laughter) hose our official turkey. thank you, steve >> and now as they receive offering my goodness that's a huge turkey up here. our guest of honor including the honorable mayor mayor ed lee. and chef greg sir, from the explained and the police department and the san francisco fire department and the chief john an and her command staff. yeah. (clapping.) and san francisco fire department translucent bob. (clapping.) self-depth and the san francisco fire station two. (clapping.) >> and far out numbering us in this room is our future. the city college of fire, science technology class. led by bill long (clapping) they get the award for the most officials that showed up. and an official applause for those people who have transcribed from the aaa. trayvon. also aaa robert brown (clapping) michael sawyer and san francisco food bank food resource coordinator pamela. (clapping.) >> keep on working here. can you all that's good. now before we gets all you a greasy and messed up here and the four please chefs and ou
to work for them. >> yup. i was chief technology officer there. i worked very closely with bill and steve and others. and it will always have a part of my heart. and it's still an incredibly strong, strong company. it was some great internal values. but i think it's lost its way in a few dimensions. >> rose: well, you should know why. >> it's hard to know why. i think it's a better try say how. one is there's so many different agendas it's working on. >> rose: nathan myhrvold for the hour. next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: nathan myhrvold is here. he is the c.e.o. and co-founder of intellectual ventures. for many years he was the chief technology officer at microsoft. he was known as one of the most visionary technology and business leaders anywhere. he is also a culinary pioneer. his newest project is "modernist cuisine" in which he explores the science of cooking. he recently published his third book on the subject. it is called "the photography of modernist cuisine!" it's a visual window into his experime
to steve king of iowa. joining me is our panel of "hardball" all-stars. howard fineman. david corn. jonathan and joan walsh. let's get started right now with a look at the far right's hatred of president obama. number three on our listing our countdown goes to u.s. congressman of texas. the tea partier grabbed headlines when he sided with birthers and openly discussed impeaching the president. he's an are a dent supporter of ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is a clip from his appearance here on "hardball" in september. it's remarkable. >> obama is president, ted cruz can be president. >> this is serious business. is he eligible to be president? you've been touting the guy. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas even that crazy theory of donald trump is true he still would be eligible to be president by that standard. >> we're talking about ted cruz. >> can't you project an inch mentally. >> i'm telling you president obama is the president. if he's eligible to be president -- >> you brought this up. >> what better way -- yes. >
'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you brought steve paulson? >> isn't it nice to see steve back? >> clear skies and everything as far as active weather. and its not that active down in southern california. for us we have clear skies. we will start off 30s, 40s, and 50s. for san jose we will start off with 42. here is sal. >>> the chp is investigating a deadly crash. it happened around 12:40 this morning. a driver got out of his car after crashing it into the center divide. another car struck and killed him when he left the crash scene and walked across the freeway. the chp says the driver immediately stopped and is cooperating with investigators. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in this tragic crash. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you 80 westbound. that traffic is moving okay. also the the toll plaza it is light. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to look good as you get to that toll plaza. there are no major issues as you drive through. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. >>> we are following a deadly fire. this was at a part
of reality, ted cruz and a special section devoted entirely to u.s. congressman steve king of iowa. joining me our panel of all-stars, howard fineman of the "huffington post." jonathan capehart of the "washington post" and joan walsh of salon. lets get started with a look at had red. u.s. congressman from texas. the tea partier made headlines when he sided with a group of birthers in a town hall and ultimately discussed impeaching the president. an ardent supporter of ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is a clip from the appearance on "hardball" in september. it's remarkable. >> obama is president, ted cruz can be president. >> what do you mean? this is serious business, congressman. >> absolutely. >> you've been touting the guy, said he can run for president. explain. is he eligible? you brought it up, i didn't. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas to an american mother even if the crazy theory of donald trump is true eden eligible by that standard. >> we're talking about ted cruz. >> can't you an inch mentally, just an inch. >> i'm t
to steve paulson first and check your forecast. >> thank you pam and dave. spare the air. very hazy sky. tvs starting off cold for some. 30s and 40s. san francisco at 51 degrees. concord sitting at 43 degrees. temperature there is some areas in the 30s. lots in the santa cruz mountains under clear skies. rain in southern california but mainly hugging the coast. inland its not all that bad. we will have clear skies here. a little cold in the morning. little be nice to mild in the afternoon. temperatures 68 at san jose. higher clouds what few we have had gone south. we have lots of sunshine. sunny and nice today. chilly or cold morning. quiet pattern though. and the weekend looks even warmer but there are significant changes for next week. highs today a loft 60s. here is sal. >>> steve, we have a very serious crash in san francisco that has shut down 101 northbound. you can see that is northbound 101 and everyone is forced to get off the freeway at vermont street. that is because just down the road there is a fatal crash involving a pedestrian. so the traffic is getting off the freeway he
, steve king of iowa. joining me is our panel of "hardball" all-stars. howard fineman of the huffington post. david corn. jonathan capehart of the washington post, and joan walsh of salon. let's look at the far right's hatred of president obama. number three on our list in our countdown, u.s. congressman blake fairentold of texas, he sided with a group of birthers in a town hall early this summer, and openly discussed impeaching the president. he is also an ardent supporter of ted cruz, 2016 campaign for president. and this is a clip now from his appearance here on "hardball" in september. it's remarkable. >> obama's president. ted cruz can be president. >> what do you mean? this is serious business, congressman. >> absolutely. >>. >> you've been doubting the guy, said he could run for president. explain. is he eligible. you brought it up. i didn't. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> so if obama was born overseas to an american mother, even if that crazy theory of donald trump is true, he would still be eligible to be president, by that standard. >> we're talking
'm becky quick along with andrew ross sorkin and steve liesman, who is in for joe kernen today. o is enjoying a day off. our top story today, of course, it's retail. so we are lucky enough to have our industry expert dana telsey here this morning. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> have you slept? >> i don't believe in sleeping, not when the stores are open. >> that's what we figured. we'll talk more to dana in just a moment. at least a dozen retail chains opened their stores yesterday. it did make for some big thanksgiving day sales. overall, the national retail federation expects sales to be up by 3.9% during the last two months of the year. that is higher than last year's 3.5% growth. but it's below the 6% rates that we saw just before the recession. and whether you hit the stores yesterday or not, plenty of people are out this morning. if you are planning on waking up early for your black friday sales, you're late. step et up. shoppers are expected to spend an average of $650 this weekend. that's 11 1% more than last year. we have the chief merchandising officer at toys
orgasms. >> reporter: steve says he would still be there but his wife decided it was time to leave. >> everything was in the open so sometimes a lot of times the women would arrange the dates for their -- their husbands or boyfriends with another friend of theirs. there's no like sneaking around. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in recent months, lafayette morehouse appears to have ramped up its public presence on its facebook page and website where they clearly state they are not a cult. there is no common spiritual belief. and former members that i talked to say anybody is free to leave whenever they want. >> we're a university community. >> reporter: at one point in its history it had an accredited college campus called more university. you could get a ph.d. in sensuality. >> sexual information how to give women pleasure basically. that's what we majored in and that's what we got our degrees in. >> reporter: i reached out this them. they declined a request for an interview. more university is no more. lost its accreditation. but look at the website now. lafayette morehouse, they still
, forbes media chairman and editor and chief steve forbes, michelle paluso and nick -- steve, first to you. first of all, to those who don't know forbes, how big is forbes? how many employees? >> we are a a little under a thousand. we have really down sized this immediate web age. our web site is flourishing but the print side is not nearly as big as it used to be. so we have been going through two storms. one is the economic storm, the obamacare storm and what's happening with the web. so, our whole business model has just been thrown out and so we have gone through turbulent times so we are a smaller company but today we are now a very profitable company. thank goodness. you say turbulent. if you you have some idea of what's going on. are things certain enough owe obamacare for you now. >> decisions have to make a decision a year from now if we ever get rules of the game in determining what kind of plans we can offer. we have had very generous plans in the past up right now. fins, we give our people $2,500 a year cash that they can use for their healthcare. and if they don't spend it, th
brain can't went at the momentum. steve jobs. if you can't think beyond the box you can't do anything. those of us who have studios at hunter point h have had an amazing opportunity to create and do our art. without the idea of being injured or run out because we can't afford the spaces if and when the new building is built and those rents are considerably more than what we're paying that community will be destroyed. they're maybe a few artists that can stay but i'm not one of them >> thank you. >> is there any further public comment on this item please bring up a card. >> (calling names) >> steve chair thank you, commissioners and happy holidays. let me just say that it's a cripple at the crutch. one thing my grandfather told me was the young is his hair but the older is the strength. i'm also remind in 1967 we looked at a particle that was sold for $1.52 or 53 acres people's temple jim jones. the other day that happened. i'm reminded there's a lot of seniors that deserve a place to go to be entertained. they have facilities in the community to take care of seniors evidence and do
. >>> all right, steve good morning. the chp is investigating a deadly crash on the east bay freeway. it happened around 12:40 this morning. a driver got out of his car after crashing it into the center divider. another car struck and killed him when he left the crash scene. that driver immediately stopped and cooperating with investigators. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in this crash. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks okay. it will not be much of a commute. i think people will be driving mostly to the shopping malls. large amounts of people have the day off today. highway 101 san francisco, northbound 101 looks pretty good with no major problems. and this morning if you are driving to the livermore area that traffic moves along very nicely. now back to the desk. >>> the holiday shopping season off to a flying start. >> welcome to sears. >> thank you for shopping at sears everybody. >> just like stores across the country retailers at the sun valley middle school opened on thanksgiving night to get a jump on the most important time of the yea
of steven photographed by steve and steve saying are you still taking my picture david. there's the penn text camera i takes a lot of pictures and takes them to his local photo development place where hundreds and hundreds i think he made that one person a millionaire he would work on the collages and that would take hours. again, you have the photograph that wouldn't capture you have his own feet the detail of the grass, his mother and a place where she and ear mother and father used to date and this cemetery. a collapsed abby. this for example, one thing that's fascinating if you do it it will look like a monster it takes a frafrt to get the lines listened up but this is billy wilder lalt a cigar but you'll see what this is by locating you in this case him but what was striking it is precisely they don't look like monsters he pointed out when you spend time looking at a person you don't stare at them you look up and down but that is, in fact, what it looks like to stare at them. he don't two views one from standing still and one from walking the distance on oldly enough if i don't walk
's three other things. steve sims suggest that kitty dukakis as involved in a flag burning. ronald reagan quips he's not going to pick on an invalid when it was ask whether dukakis was treated for depression. dukakis veetos a pledge of alliance law. >> and he didn't react passionately to a question of what he would do if his wife was attacked? >> that was october 13th. that was the nail in the coffin. all of these things was a democratic campaign at a high in july. >> let's go back to the helmet, the hat. you mentioned in the film and your article, that there is an unspoken rule, not even unspoken that candidates should not wear hats. and president obama mentioned it on receiving a football helmet from the navy team. >> pretty sharp. all right. there's a general rule, you don't put stuff on your head in you're president. that's politics 101. you never look good wearing something on your head >> that applies to presidential candidates. why did he do it. it's not just him. candidates have kept doing it since. >> it goes back to 1977, calvin coolag, had a headdress. jack kennedy thought he l
. >>> that thanksgiving din hner could be a lot more expensive next year. steve goes in depth tonight. >> you may need to bring extra cash to the grocery store to buy milk selling as high as $8 a gallon. there's no farm bill. there's supposed to be new authorization every five years. right now it's a year overdue. if there's no bill by this year's end, the 1948 agricultural law would kick in and force the dairy farmers to pay exorbitant prices for milk. it would create a shortage for everyone and drive prices sky high. that bill is stalled over whether to pay subs cities to farmers to protect against possible crop failure horse help with crop insurance to pay out only when there's actually a failure. the other big sticking point is the $80 billion a year supplemental nutrition program. the s.n.a.p. used to be called food stamps. recipients since president barack obama took office. democrats in the senate bill could cut $4.5 billion. >> the bottom line here is i'm willing to negotiate and compromise as long as we have a farm bill that doesn't make hunger worse in america. i don't think you can get a bi
and we'll let you know if anything happens with that. 7:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. >> you're welcome steve. >>> clear skies, nice today. cold for some. not too bad in san francisco. a lot of 50s on the lows. inland, you can find o 30s. big differences in the -- find 30s. big differences in the temps. clear skies this morning. all the higher clouds went south. starting to do a dance. you don't want to see that. ken lawrence our o director, we all -- our direct, we all have issues. the comments i get in my ear sometimes. turning colder next week. we need the rain, we're definitely going to get the cold next week. it's cold now, but these may seem warm compared to next week. next couple of days, things look good. the cloud cover went south, down in southern california where they are getting rain. santa barbara, la, san diego, not too bad. mainly confining itself to the coast. higher clouds are working north and south of monterey and salinas. the slow going to stay there. the rain stays along the coast, skirting it. nationally it's quite until next week when a cold system is g
of the country while most of the country is sleeping, steve train is sleeping, steve train is leaving the shore. is leaving the shore. the sea has been the the sea has been the source of steve's source of steve's livelihood for 25 years. livelihood for 25 years. you guys about you guys about ready? ready? >> he is a lobsterman. >> he is a lobsterman. one one of 5,000 lobsterman of 5,000 lobsterman that are the backbone of that are the backbone of mains coastal economy. mains coastal economy. but now, steve's way of but now, steve's way of life is threatened. life is threatened. jolted because the jolted because the ecology and the economy ecology and the economy of main are suddenly of main are suddenly going in different going in different directions. directions. >> have to be three and a >> have to be three and a quarter inch from the eye quarter inch from the eye to the back of the shelf. to the back of the shelf. these are too small. these are too small. >> the lobster harvest is >> the lobster harvest is at a record high. at a record high. >> those are good ones. >> those are good ones. >>
things. things. steve sims suggest that kitty steve sims suggest that kitty dukakis as involved in a flag dukakis as involved in a flag burning. burning. ronald reagan quips he's not ronald reagan quips he's not going to pick on an going to pick on an invalid when invalid when it was ask whether dukakis was it was ask whether dukakis was treated for treated for depression. depression. dukakis veetos a pledge of dukakis veetos a pledge of alliance law. alliance law. >> and he didn't react >> and he didn't react passionately to a question of passionately to a question of what he would do if his wife was what he would do if his wife was attacked? attacked? >> that was october 13th. >> that was october 13th. that was the nail in the coffin. that was the nail in the coffin. all of these things was a all of these things was a july. july. >> let's go back to the helmet, >> let's go back to the helmet, the hat. the hat. you mentioned in the film and you mentioned in the film and your article, that there is an your article, that there is an unspoken rule, not even unspoken rule, not even unspoken
on a crisp morning. while most of the country is sleeping, steve train is leaving the shore. the sea has been the source of steve's livelihood for 25 years. you guys about ready? >> he is a lobsterman. one of 5,000 lobsterman that are the backbone of mains coastal economy. but now, steve's way of life is threatened. jolted because the ecology and the economy of main are suddenly going in different directions. >> have to be three and a quarter inch from the eye to the back of the shelf. these are too small. >> the lobster harvest is at a record high. >> those are good ones. >> those are good. >> but prices near an all time low. >> it is just like anything else, supply and demand. we have ago supply, and we don't have the demand to match it. >> we return probably ten times as much as we can. >> good conservation techniques with warmer waters from climate change have led to an explosion in the lobster catch. >> how many? do we have a count? >> so many lobsters prices. falling from $6 a pound wholesale in 20005, to about $3 a pound today. >> economically, as would happen in any industry. i don't
and talked with steve connected with the vehicle. twenty days pretty successful the london eye the challenge saw the preparation store that has been completed. and yet confident opportunity the spacecraft is scheduled to start all the team last time except them lol. among the onyx has competed at a cost of seventy main villain is also the cheapest mission to mars. the elimination of the house i was faced with a budget of four hundred and eighty five minute delays the site european union and the shot that beat a bid to launch a successful and wants me she knows who was by japan and china had faded. the most cost efficient nation has also positioned india as a school day in the three hundred phone until this beast market. the senior most down to justice without the consent and on the house the children of the country's new chief justice. my friend caitlin is even the government made several key appointments. injustice does not mean that a coastline december trafford against incumbent it's become a machete attacks. those tentative the form of an eu citizen in any justice to the knee is often de
it on the news. >> yeah, exactly. steve is agreeing. andrea, thanks very much. our cameras were there as the doors opened at the best buy in union city. now the stampedes -- not the stampedes we've seen before, but we wanted to speed it up to show you all the people that came through. if you're wondering, the number one guy in line said he had been there since monday morning, and forget sleeping in, these shoppers were up at 6:00 a.m. for k mart's opening. k mart plans to stay open for 41 hours straight until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. >>> and on every store has been bustling. old navy has been open since this morning. lots of stuff for sale, but not a lot of customers. that's the case in khol's. sharon. >> take a look, the lines here are long as well from this vantage point, it's hard to believe that just over half the people surveyed say they won't be shopping this four-day holiday. we found many people bicycling, jogging, and walking. >> yes, i'm walking my meal off now. >> and some who walked away from shopping. >> with really in the end, it's about corporate america going to
code so it's more inclusive not less. >> any other feedback. gentleman. >> i think this is what steve was getting at. i would suggest using the language of the debt in the ellis act. the distinction in the oilsz lapsing is 15 years ago a walkness of all the distinctions if this made senses to use ellis >> let me ask the rent board is that a suggestion that makes sense. if you wouldn't mind speaking on the record >> i know the destines which is unable to - >> it impairs a life-threatening activity it's much boarder. >> i would sunken we defer this item i want everyone reading from the same page. i'd like to ask city staff to circulate language out to the reads and hopefully in the next hour >> i want to make a brief comment we have different languages i wish we could consolidate and have one language it didn't make sense to debate between the distinction. >> it's because the ellis provisions are stable. >> i see. i - anywhere else. before we defer i want to say i support this legislation and it's really not just about it is, of course, help people who are in great node of housing
would also be remiss not to thank the staff agency steve and director john of the planning department and to all city commissioners respective of their office. today, there are several former commissioners my good friend christina and others who are great supporters of us (clapping) we also have to thank a huge thank you your development partner jeffries and his family for they're truly amazing support for bringing about the mexican museum. in closings i want to acknowledge peter rodriguez the founder of the museum. we have this sister and brother lloyd rodriguez representing the family (clapping) i want you to then please stay and enjoy the celebration together we can it gives me great pleasure to introduce mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you andy for that introduction. well, today, obviously is a very special day it's not only the 2 hundred and third mexican today, it's appropriate we recognize ann an important institution that will be built here, no san francisco. the entire city and community are excited for this new home and we'll have this compliment the other world-class inst
afternoon, supervisors steve tenderloin housing clinic we, of course, support this legislation at the organization that zoo does most of the defense important people being evicted throughout the city we get a lot of clients from people on fixed incomes and social security who can't afford a market rate here in san francisco and often move out of the city and out of the state. it's a tremendous impact on seniors who have been perfect tenants for 20, 30 years and get thrown out. this is extremely important legislation to have the folks stay people want to live and to help them remain sense so, please we urge you to support. thank you >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm beverly upton i'm usually here as the executive director in the advocate for the rights of survivors of domestic violence survives. i'm here to keep everybody informed that my dear friend jackie and family are going to be ellised out of their flats we've been here 23 years. we've never been late on our rent any repairs have been passed through the rent boards to us. we've paid thousands of dollars of improvements
it with about 1.16 billion in local revenues. that was a balance yesterday of the task force, by steve. and the 2.3 billion, and the 2 to one match is not all new money but includes the commitments of anticipated federal funds, toward the mtc, proposal significantly accelerates to promote the finding of the ready to go fro ject. it is suspected to act on this proposal in december. i would like to thank the mtc staff for the proposal which is in response to the funding shortfalls that were unable and were unable to be funded in the regional transportation plan, also, last week, california alliance for the jobs and transportation california to the industry based organizations that the paperwork to the state to preserve the opportunity to put a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot that will put into place, the state wide license fee dedicated for the transportation and infrastructure and a state of good repair, the measure is anticipated to generate, $2.9 billion state wide and although san francisco would likely receive quite a bit less than we successfully pursued under our own 1
, and i am steve and i am a regular here unfortunately. and i am the owner of 68 procidio with my wife. and as my attorney just addressed this you, there is one other thing that i wanted to point out to you. and that is as of last night, the appellant contacted my attorney through his attorney, and said, you know, if you would only get rid of your fire escape, we would be willing to drop our appeal tonight. and so, i find this very disturbing, okay? and appalling that an entire campaign was mounted for the last 13 weeks and for actually a year all around safety. and now, all of a sudden, the neighbor wants us to get rid of our fire escape. i mean, it is, the hypocracy is unbelievable these people should be made an example of and i realize that the board does not have the jurisdiction to do that, and my passion of dealing with the year of this and the cost of this and the emotional stress of having to do this. and so i will only say that to you to put a perspective on this. and why i am frustrated in support of what my attorney just said is the game that is being played here is by withd
. hey. >> the first annual steve har vi neighborhood awards announced during a taping of his show. karen's florist was named the best florist. th another winner from our area, the police chief of harbor, patricia harmon was voted best police officer. the steve harvey show airs on nbc 4. you can see clips of all the winners on our website, >>> if you are already over the black friday shopping, there's more. we have everything you need to know before cyber monday. >> yeah, our liz crenshaw did all the work for you to help you find the best deals online. >> reporter: there will be some big changes for those of you coming bac >>> starting monday, the district will hand out $100 fines in one part of town if you don't park within the lines. >> in other parts of the city, there's limits to where food trucks can park. >> mark segraves has the details now, before you head back to work. >> reporter: the tracks are in and the wires are up. even the streetcars won't be running along h street northeast until next year, the fines for blacking the path start monday. you must park
in technology. >> for more on this and what we can expect in the coming days, steve hays is here, the president has stuck his neck out. he maybe trying to dial it back a little bit, what happens? >> i think you see a stampede from the democrats in red states and those up in 2014, but the president's biggest supporters as well. we have seen hintsf of this, but i think you are likely to see if the website isn't fullly functional an increase in the numbers in the next week. >> what might senators, in particular, we know what the house would do, what might senators do about it? >> i think at some point they will run for cover. this isn't going to be complicated soon. you have a system that isn't working. a website that isn't working. the problem for many in congress is that there is no prosspect for -- prospect -- this is going to work the way they are saying. you have difficulties with the enrollment process, getting young healthy people to sign up, those are people that need to sign up to offset the additional risky health benefits for the older people. i think you have real problems beyond just
is waving the $120 0 greens fees for several elderly golfers. our steve caught up with some of them, live in our south florida news room. he's not 90 but a great scratch golfer i've read. >> reporter: this course is public and the city decided to do something for members who had been there for for more than five years. we asked the head pro, why it's free if you're 90? we just wanted to say, god bless you. >> i love golf. >> reporter: frank is hoping to shoot a round of golf lower than his age. >> i'm 91, going to be 92. i hope from now until i get about 98 i'll only probably deappreciate about five shots. >> you have a great day. >> reporter: they golf for free at new smyrna beach thanks to a new ordinance passed by the city commission. five members over age 90 are regular players. >> there it is. in the middle. >> reporter: frank, who claims to have not missed a fairway in 20 years, has been looking forward to saving the $1200 in yearly greens fees. what did you think when you were 89? >> well, one more year. it really relaxes me. >> i got them for my 90th birthday. >> reporter: 93-year
was watching from my crib, steve. well, a couple of thoughts on that. i mean, george h.w. bush ended up winning that election, didn't he? a harsh exchange. dan rather did have a reputation as being a that of a hit ball -- a pit bull in injuries. was the interview dell advised? -- ill advised? going armed with ammo into the interview, the seven minutes reference, so he expected it to be contentious. i think that those who would be impartiality, if that is possible, may have said that dan rather may have overstepped in again trying to take over -- trying to suck up all the oxygen in the room. if you ask a question, you have to allow your subject time to answer it, and we did not see that. we saw back and forth, talking over the stuff that became fashionable in the crossfire type programs, and it has become a true annoyance. this is a format that was pioneered by "nightline." i work for ted koppel as his producer and writer there. it was not to be that way. it was meant to allow an exchange, not babble. thes paul harvey would say, rest of this jury, the person behind that camera, advising
with turner and steve could not be here today and jack is with toner and so he will be giving us the regular construction update. i'm jack adams oversight for the project on transbay. there were no injuries to report since we last met. we did have one small fire where one of the construction workers put a bag of trash in the bottom of a metal dumpster and i am sorry, yeah. and one of the other iron workers was cutting metal and caught the bag on fire and it was put out by the fire immediately. there are 885,000 hours of construction since we cited 23 years ago and 25 works hours since the last presentation. going down on mission street and it is the last that we have to upgrade on the water system for the fire department. and that is going at night now, and we are concentrating now down in the mid section of main and mission and working our way west. and the excavation work is really progressed. and it is 90 percent complete now and all of the bracing in. and supporting the walls all the way into zone three. which is down to freemont street. it is between freemont and beal and we have bracin
of a lot of cost cutting and steve outing by a major japanese corporations still today as the us markets to close out we may see the nikkei i just trading a limited lord has been seen as evidence in the first few minutes of trading right now are ye and let the dollar popping a touch out that may just be the case us to the much where is the dollar yen a parent reading this friday morning remain. second let's have a look at the dollar yen right now and it's come back to some scotch. a hundred sheep and twenty eight twenty one squad almost four percent against the yen just this month to stop to get all the worst off the year high of hundred people in seventy three in late may and with the us on a holiday cards teachers may just sit back in touch at these current levels here again. it's not. it was in fact was it followed a rise in insurance ppi more than the market consensus right now two hundred and thirty nine points eleven to seventeen. not that tough cpi data may not lower expectations for the european central bank to cut its key rate for other just for now i'll monitor that as well als
health insurance marketplace. >> did i say peter? maybe steve doocy. the obamacare commercial that cut into your football viewing. >> this mom who was caught boozing while breast feeding. >> it's "fox & friends." >> welcome. we are here and alive on this black friday. >> we survived. >> i'm hung over from the turkey. >> this turkey. >> there was no alcohol at all. football. i'm sure many of you are up and at it. probably getting up for black friday deals kofplgt up later in the show, aboutom nt black friday deals. one of them, $700 off. we're going to show it to you today in the studio. >> on my way in going down sixth avenue, you pass by macy's and there were people everywhere. probably a lot of tourists right now looking kind of quiet. black friday shopping is in full swing this morning. things already turning violent in parts of the country. police in new jersey using pepper spray on a customer in wal-mart. the customer became, quote, belligerent while arguing with a customer over a television. spoil while looking for a -- >> while looking for a discount tv, one woman got one droppe
will be sold in 2013, up 338 percent in the last seven years. steve sheldon is the president of rainbo records, a vinyl manufacturer that presses nearly 25,000 records a day. his company has been in the business since 1939, and says the demand for vinyl records is unlike anything they've seen in years. this year has been the busiest for uswere doing double what we were doing two years ago. capacity is at 100 percent. and it's about the 13-25 year old range that is making these hot off the press vinyls (throw record) fly off store shelves. it's a tangible item and they were brought up on virtual everything. i think they are enjoying handling the records, handling the jacket; the artwork on the album cover was always an attraction. here it is really awesome to see a 15 year old say "oh i just got a turntable for my first time, what do i buy?" and they are extremely excited about it. adrienne pearson works at amoeba records on sunset blvd in hollywood, california and says that record labels have worked in an extra incentive to buy vinyl. i could honestly say within the past 5 years vinyl record s
season. steve the only online noted two mortar shelling of the russian embassy in damascus to un security council has strongly condemned the attack on the stage shouting kill the one thousand and one to nine including the embassy security posts now for more on that sets gold silk respondents allied abraham and damascus amman thomas more that they just go down the shedding of the embassy it was the setting a target of attacks. soon the home all the circumstantial evidence but two we have seen so far it seems that that was the pre registration to talk to the home of the embassy however amore. choosing more to show such as this thought is ready to call mom. and here and an office of the top of the often very underrated all over the winter more controls on damascus and suburbs. every day that i consider it one of the russian embassy in the proper use. two more shelves and i'm all for may is the most final book was used in the chart also shows though that the summit vehicle at the building to the novel the chills so animated by building dams to fight this tooth difficulties which indicated tha
has to try and push the government enterprising out to europe and on steve was on hand. the assets that have been following the events are as bad and fussed a new poll. aly has seen some sun faces in the twentieth come to school today. yes as expected the eu summit in vilnius has concluded with the our ukraine assigning that association agreement however on friday the president of the european council on and on rome police said he's hopeful that the deal can be revisited at the lake today qb knew his position remains clear. to top off signing the most ambitious agreement the european you in as ever all for two with a non member state. he still on the table inside the eu insisted the offer is still on the table however midfielder tiago has already rejected president thinks i'm gonna call of its maintaining that the scale of the financial deal on offer from brussels was no avenue for his country right now saying he left his country feeling really hate to tell congress call them under the heat came face to face with the unique is that i've had since taken the very first time since the
with the administration china or steve team and individual can apply for private pilot light for pilot training school in china. that is not expected to go private or copper market. can you believe that they're more than forty pilot training school including twelve of what i was in school. when the beijing capital helicopter company. the train but i would include fifty hours of the radical left and forty five hours of flight training. the total training to get two hundred feet out in the forty one to forty six thousand dollars. the wife and three months. data show that there were about a hundred of the private helicopters and aircraft in china. the winners china the keyboard three hundred thousand analysts predicted the private helicopter market value. we went to the billion five billion dollars in the future. the chinese are offered on the bike doesn't contain the low altitude air as the bill for private helicopters and airplanes this would include the area below four thousand meters and with that the private life with all the helpful in developing china's private or copper market. don't go way up ne
are honored to have present as well. steve grossman, treasurer of the commonwealth. and would other male elected officials stand in support of the cause of women in politics. [applause] tonight's event was sparked by a milestone in women's political activism. 175 years ago, right here in boston, angelina grimke, a white southerner from charleston, south carolina became the first american woman to address a legislative body. tonight, we are honored to have her great great grandson, mark mason here with us. please give him applause. [applause] angelina grimke's purpose was to present petitions bearing the signatures of 20,000 massachusetts women. black and white, to a joint committee of the general court. the petitioner sought to have congress and slavery in the district of convio but before angelina grimke spoke about the issue of slavery, she knew she had to address the elephant in the room. the fact that she was a woman giving a speech to group of elected officials, not to mention her other audience, all the men and women who had crowded into the house chamber. hers was a radical act in
and without money there is no foot work and there is no name. >> reporter: what manager steve bruce want it called is a premier league club and maintaining status is their job whether or not the club can preserve the current name. what will it be called when the city is celebrating the culture being honored in the year 2017? the football association told me they have not officially got a name to change it to tigers and they will not change the name, it will change the culture of english football. >> and lee wellings has a blog about this and head to our website al argentina will face brazil in the final of the americana and this is the second leg of the semi final in paraguay and 4-2 victory and this is like the european league and the final will be played next thursday. adam scott is challenged by mccalry of the australian open and scott is going for the fourth title and many weeks down under and he shot record in the opening round and followed up with to under par, 70 on wet conditions on friday and two stroke lead over mccalroy and the number six stopped into conten
steve bruce and his players want hull to be called is simply a premier league club, maintaining that status is their job, whether or not the club preserves its current name. what will the footballing club actually be called when the city celebrates its culture honored in the year 2017? the english footballing organization tells me that this is no guarantee at that they will allow the name to be changed because it would change the culture of english football. >>> this week's fatal crane collapse at the sao paulo stadium increases pressure on british authorities struggling to have venues ready ahead of next year's world cup. the opening of the stadium has been pushed become to february. amateur video footage has emerged seeing the crane and accident involving stadium which killed two people. construction has been halted until at least monday. >> i do not even consider a plan b. if you consider a plan b, that means that you do not trust on your plan a. i tell you with full conviction that i believe that the arena will be ready for opening of the world cup. >> from football now up t
official. the first annual steve harvey awards were announced during a taping of his talk show. stafford police chief was named best police officer. the award recognizes people and businesses nationwide who exemplify their communities. other categories this year include best bakery, bus driver, day care provider and deli. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, you'll meet another winner in our area in the best florist category. >>> the body of a missing air national guardsman has been identified. the special award the family will accept on his behalf. >>> kate >>> kate middleton, otherwise known as the duchess of cambridge made an appearance. she honored some of britain's most talented athletes in lon dochblt it gives young athletes financial aid as their careers move on to the international stage and the olympics. the duchess presented the one to watch award to a 16-year-old member of the british national shooting team. as usual, the duchess made headlines for her fashion wearing a little black dress. >>> it's not too often you see anybody sitting behind the desk of the president. ron wade can si
' darling of the year. you have best picture, best director for steve mcqueen. you have best screen play. that right now is very strong. >> let's not forget le
is online at 4 the petition for writ of my husband is online at 4 and 50 and steve. we're here as a family. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >>will: a backer of the bay area thousands are probably shopping at this minute. there are just hundreds of cars and to get their hands on the best deals. it started actually on thursday night and there are deals to be had. kron4's mike pelton is live at the livermore outlets to show us what's going on. i say shoppers are out there already. >>: in to visit and bustling. a lot of people even. a lot people have for five bags in each hand. the pentagon of the shoppers crowded here and to go livermore premium of let's. maxim and stores it opened up for the turkey that made its way into the fridge opening the doors at 6:00 last night. that's about four hours earlier than the open the last year and the manager tells me just judging by i tested it's much busier this year as many shoppers started their black friday on thursday tell me this way they can headstart. >>: it's better i think because everyone gets time on shopping early was some people want to shop la
was ripping someone off. >> my friend steve and knew these guys were getting inside information i believe -- >> you grew up in queens. are you telling me as you sit here that all these instances where he should have known -- you are a cop. >> i am telling you something right now. wherever he goes in the world he trades his own stock, sitting from 9:00 to 4:00, i can't talk to him, sitting in front of computers -- >> when you were a cop. >> he had these analysts and all that. >> you were a cop. when you were a cop and you saw place, you saw a possible illegal activity was going on, a lot of people getting busted you wouldn't, your sixth fence wouldn't say may be -- >> charlie -- >> it is a nice guy. >> all i see is a guy who is a smart businessman who looks at the evaluation of corporations, earnings and losses and all that. he sits in front of the computer -- >> i'm not saying he is a mobster but you busted mobsters. when you went after those guys, you saw criminal activity. >> how much criminal activity happens on 47st street with a guy not paying taxes? this is the person working in the
in the movie? maybe steve, maybe elisabeth hasselbeck or anyone from "the five." >> i'd have to have screenings with dana and yourself to give you a proper opportunity because we have to make -- >> we'll be happy -- >> bob could be george washington. >> we love your enthusiasm. 711. >> it's a great thing to get your family for the holidays. >> i appreciate it, and i love talking about it. >> congratulations. >> can i stick around for one more block? >> yes because guess what? "one more thing" is up next. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. >>> it's now time for "one more time." >> my favorite top iictopic, ge bush. president bush became a painter after he left the white house. he's actually very, very good. at the white house there's always an ornament every year. you can get one, the official one, from the archives, but at the bush cente
for this story. steve, i don't know if you like to golf, we are not 90 but maybe there is hope. >> these people give you hope. 90-year-old members of the golf course and will never have to pay again. >> i love golf. >> frank is hope to shoot a round of golf lower than his age. >> i am 91 going to be 92. so i hope from now until i get about 98. i will depreciate about five shots. >> i play once a week now. >> thanks to a new ordinance passed by a new city commission. five players over 90 are regular players. frank has been looking forward to saving the $1200 in yearly green's fees. >> what did you think at 89? >> one more year. >> i got them for my 90th bur d burged -- birthday -- >> helen focus on short swing since she cannot hit it as far. >> do you ever get mad on the course? >> it is a game of golf. if things go wrong, accept them and go on. maybe the holes are better down the road. >> he is using the money to by a new putter. that is a thin blade putter and depends on feel. not easy for any age >> glad you brought that to us. once you get a putter you like, you have to stick with it. >> y
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